Flat Sonic (Stanley) and AMA Pro Racing at Road America

Flat Sonic is on the back of the #86 Farrell Performance ZX10R ridden by Jason Farrell.
Check out this video starting here for some scenes with him tearing it up.

Skip ahead to 27:30, 31:00 watch the dramatic finale at 37 minutes in – Jason and Sonic were all over the tv feed!
I will edit out the rest of the video and just include his sections when I get a chance. I realize this really shouldn’t be posted on youtube and to that end I did put it up unlisted.

Ricardo Valdez was involved in a very serious accident in supersport race 2 of the weekend. There has been an online fundraiser posted up to help him heal up and get back out on the grid – if you would like to please donate a couple dollars. I just met him over the weekend and he seems like a genuinely nice guy who truly loves racing (not to mention is insanely quick). Below is the video of the crash and above is a link to the fundraiser.
I am sure anything you could give helps. Money is always tight for privateer racers, especially ones with broken ankles and hips who were run over twice in a race start. Thanks in advance.

On to Flat Sonic (Stanley) and his amazing race weekend.

Flat Sonic (Stanley) Spending Some Quality Time in the AMA Pro Racing Paddock at Road America

Stanley got to meet most of the road racers and even race in race 2 of the Superbike class with Jason Farrell

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