Chicago IMS 2014


Once again our annual trip to the Chicago International Motorcycle Show.
Motobabies are growing up way too fast.


Best of the 2014 Chicago International Motorcycle Show

Motobabies at the IMS

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Motorcycle Center (MCC) 2013 Open House



Keira and Chloe stopped by MCC with me today to check out some bikes.

Thank you to the team at Motorcycle Center for letting my daughters “ride” all of your motorcycles.

Motorcycle Center Team MCC 2013 Open House

The girls had a blast riding all the hot new bikes


2013 Chicago International Motorcycle Show


Daddy went to the motorcycle show yesterday. Sadly this year the motorcycle show fell on Chinese New Year (Gung Hay Fat Choy! Happy Year of the Snake) and the MotoBabies were whisked away from Daddy to go visit their Grandparents in Michigan with Mommy.

While I Daddy did his best to make the best of it, it just wasn’t the same.
There is a light at the end of the tunnel though, Wifey dearest agreed to go with the girls and I to Road America for Rainfest! Wait I mean the AMA Superbike Double Header at Road America! Woo!

This was the best I could do. Special thanks to Thomas for helping hold the girls on the bike and aiding in photo setups.

Here we have Keira on M1ception
Keira on Spies M1 on Spies M1

Keira still on the M1 on the M1 - Go Ben

and here we have Chloe riding the new BMW HP4 S1000RR. 2 Years old and 200HP. Huge thanks to Thomas for his help in obtaining this shot. No thanks to the other show goers who may not have appreciated the gravity of this shot. Patience, the motorcycle with no fuel and no battery on a stand will be standing for you in 30 seconds for you to sit on and not ever buy.
My baby Chloe. Love her so much.

and here is Keira on the HP4

2012 Cycleworld International Motorcycle Show – Chicago

Just got back from the 2012 International Motorcycle Show – Chicago. Keira, Craig, Thomas and I had a blast. Here are a few pictures we took at the event.

Keira on Ben Spies M1

Yes Daddy - Bens bike is very nice but I am very very tired Daddy.


Who here has sat on 2 different MotoGP bikes? Also note I am sitting on the Yamaha while wearing a Ducati shirt.. Baller.

iPhone shot of above

Go Faster!!!!!

well if that just doesn't look expensive.


She moves to fast to photograph most of the time.

She moves to fast to photograph most of the time.

"I like this R6 Daddy!" "Ok Honey but track only mmmkay?" - "Ok Daddy"

Josh Hayes bike, Keira, Daddys glasses, and …. more fingerprints.. Ugh

Keira with a couple models having le nap

Keira with a couple models having le nap

Monster - Also very in need of nap (3.5 hours post nap time sans nap)

No Daddy you get on back

Craig approves!

In Romeoville there is a little boy who is also named after the same man Keira is who has one of these.. Daddy went with his Daddy to pick it up. Maybe we need to go for a visit and Little Joe can teach Keira Josephine to ride. I think that would be an appropriate tribute. Keira was on this bike for over 20 minutes.

Let's get this!

For real Daddy!

There is a taller one too!


MotoBaby is becoming MotoGirl with all the vanity that comes with it.

MotoBaby Keira Posing with Daddys buddy Craig. A good time was had by all.

I don't like this one.

I don't like this one.

Really... I don't

4 Wheels is ok.. I guess





Need a little more height

Not too happy about being on the back - She'll be giving Craig rides before too long.

Now you see why.

Now you see why.

Vesrah Suzuki

This one makes it go Daddy - Mark Jung Vesrah Suzuki race bike.

This one makes it go Daddy - Mark Jung Vesrah Suzuki race bike.

Behind the bubble - full tuck

Selective reading abilities are helpful.

I like how this came out - Daddy

Tucked in so deep you can't even see her.. Oh yeah on a Police GSXR-600 Cruiser - Seriously.. That's just frightening (Yes it is actually used to patrol not just shows)

There she is

Keira digging on the 2012 GSXR-600 I believe she was saying how it's much lighter this year and a lot easier for a 3 year old to toss it around.

I want this one Daddy.

God I love this little bugger

I just explained the HP/Weight ration #'s for the new 6.. I can't even imagine how stoked she would be to check out the new Ducati 1199.. Sadly she fell asleep shortly after we got to Ducati and was to tired to get out of her stroller once we were there.

I had very clear directions from Mommy that there were to be no photos of her with a paci in.. She's a big girl and just gets paci to sleep.. Well when we saw Police bike we had to get her out of the stroller for pics (we were trying to get her to sleep) and I forgot to pull the plug. Once Chad noticed she had Paci in we ran back and took more photos sans paci.. That said I had to share this.. Officer Friendly.. (What can I say.. I'm partial to cops who ride sport bikes.. In all fairness I generally am just partial to all people who ride sport bikes…)

This one too.

Never too young.

How many fast people does it take to push a small dirt bike down a ramp? Keira and I watching the YCRS seminar on cornering (planting seeds Daddy is.. Planting seeds.. at 2 she was watching Keith Code DVD's with me, now Nick Ienatsch, Scott Russell and Ken Hill.. Lets just hope some of this knowledge is absorbed deeply into her mind so when she really starts learning how to ride she has a strong foundation.

ahhh! the out of focus picture seems to go with the facial expression. Daddy what is this thing? She really liked it - took a bit of talking into to get the owner to let Keira sit on it but eventually he did. Sadly we didn't get any really great shots of her on it. Soo many people around and I didn't want to/wasn't able to get far enough away to get any great angles.. This is what I did capture

Honestly at this point does it even need a kick stand?

Nice cluster - Keira isn't on it in this shot but I had to include some of the well done beauty of this bike here.

Daddy? That tire is bigger than I am.

The new 2012 ZX10R really looks a lot smaller than you'd thing.. When it doesn't have Keira on it.. She makes Dani Pedrosa look big.

Ducati Diavel Chromo Bugaboo Sidecar Limited Edition

Motorcycle Show Cafeteria! Ahhhh! $3.75 for 12oz of Aquafina! Ahhhh!

Upon further inspection.. I think you need this one Daddy.

Don't worry.. I'll hold onto it.

Mark - Fix that sidecar of yours.. We need to go riding!

Oh Yeah


Wait.. Yeah.. That's it.

I got this.

Obilgatory "Making of" shot.

2011 Track Season – Grattan.

June 5th 2011 Motorcycle Season has finally officially begun for Daddy and his worlds smallest umbrella girl (without an umbrella) and coach.

First trackday with her for 2011 – only one too :(
Rough track to learn especially when really green and double especially on the lead sled.

Keira checking out the fit on her Dads Mille - We might have to raise those pegs a bit. Photo taken at Daddys Season Opener @ Grattan Raceway

2011 Cycleworld International Motorcycle Show – Chicago. Chloe’s first Motorcycle Show.

We went to the 2011 Chicago Motorcycle Show this weekend. Chuck gets most of the SLR photo credit (I mainly handled child carrying and iphone photography) Here are a handful of favorites from the weekend. I might have to rename this section Motobabies too.
Oh one other thing – I cannot believe how small the world is sometime. Someone recognized Keira at the show from this site. Another new Dad and he said he is going to do the same for his little girl. Wife and I were glowing. He said he will send me a pic of his daughter on his CB – I will be sure to post it here.

So – Just a heads up – The first shots are iphone shots – then they are SLR shots. So keep scrolling down – they get better.

Opening shot of my MotoBabies.

My girl always had a thing for Monsters.

Rockin an extremely tricked out Hypermotard.

848 Evo – Dark.

Objects in mirror are cuter than they appear.


Finally a nice place to get some reading done.

2 years and 2 months – respectively.

A little Triumph Love. The 675R is Choice.

The unknown Kawasaki ZX10R World Superbike


So you say this is a “Green” motorcycle?

Ooooh. Vincent.

Mods vs Rockers – Scootertrash!

Harley’s were never really known for being nimble performers but at least this one looks like it has some get up and go.

Now this one looks nimble. The Moriwaki MD250H.

** Begin SLR Pics **

Keira + Ducati M696 = Beautiful.

I don’t know why but I thought these 3 in a row told a story.

One proud father and his little princess.

My girls.

The “making of” shot. Yes – Generally we do work with a net.

Starting off on the 1100 might be a bit much for her.

Hold on Sis.

Look at me Mom!

I wonder how many guys wouldn’t mind riding as a passenger if they were able to do it this way?

She watches a lot of House.

Too big.

Stupidly trusting passenger considering the rider can’t even see over the dashboard. Side note motorcycles shouldn’t have dashboards.

Most of the family on one bike.

I just told her I was going to sit her on the dashboard of the motorcycle and she couldn’t stop laughing.

Keira giving Uncle Chuck a ride.

Keira is the only one in our group who actually got to see the stunt show with Jason Britton – we all just got to hear it.

Pocket baby. Pocket bike.

So you say this bike runs on electricity?

“Drag racing!”
“There’s no use trying to talk. No human sound can stand
up to this. Loud enough to knock you down!”
“These are sensations as hard to forget as they are
to ignore.”

Finally we found one that almost fits her. I think we should get it.. Maybe let the wife ride it till she is ready.

end motoshow pics – for now